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Originating from the Asia Minor Greek community, she was born in Athens, where she finished Commerce School. She learned foreign languages and the piano, while her love of theatre started from a very young age, with the organization of performances for children.

Her parents were adamant in their refusal to see her become an actress; thus, she worked to support her theatrical studies, which she pursued in secret, at the National Theatre Drama School, from which she graduated.

After her graduation, she was given her first job by Marika Kotopouli, giving her, right from the first moment, leading roles, and even asking her to replace her twice, when she was sick. She stayed in Kotopouli's troupe for many years, and then joined the troupe of Vassilis Logothetidis, where she remained until the death of the great comic actor. Then was the start of her rising star. She became very well-known and had many offers. Her career spanned many decades, with a great variety of roles in the international repertoire, from revue to ancient Greek tragedy - in the role of Hecuba in Euripides' Trojan Women.. It would be tiresome to list even a few of her roles and the plays, films, TV series and radio shows in which she took part.
She passed away peacefully, on November 7th, 2010, at the mature age of 97, in full possession of all her mental faculties.

From her marriage to the prematurely lost singer Vassos Seitanidis she had a daugher, Leda. Together, they founded the Shantom House of Culture, a special venue for cultural advancement bearing her name and carrying the values of quality that she stood for.

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