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εναλλακτικές θεραπείες

Personal sessions - by appointment
Introductory workshops

We don't like the term "alternative therapies". Alternative to what? "Official" contemporary medicine? These days, we see concepts such as holistic view of humankind and the psycho-somatic root of many small and big diseases being increasingly incorporated into the vocabulary and the way of thinking of "classical" surgeons. Moreover, "alternative" is, for many, a synonym for "secondary", something to which we turn either out of curiosity and only for small, unimportant ailments, or as a desperate last resort when we have tried everything and classical medicine gives up on our case.
Despite these reservations, we are using the term, because it is immediately understandable by the public. We believe that these ways of dealing with health, well-being and disease, many of which have been tried and tested for many centuries, deserve a place in our society. This doesn't mean that they are the only ideal solution in all case, especially when we are faced with something acute needing urgent action.
The responsibility lies solely with the patient who, in the case of serious diseases, must make his or her own choices wisely, weighing the pros and cons of each therapeutic method.
In Shantom we offer many different kinds of "alternative therapies", either in the form of personal sessions or, sometimes, in the form of introductory workshops.

Personal sessions (by appointment)


Aromatherapy massage


Individual sessions combining classical massage techniques with the knowledge and use of the properties of essential oils, for an even more enhanced effect of well-being and relaxation.




Holistic method for dealing with psycho-somatic problems through pressure and massage of the soles of the feet on specifice pressure points that mirror the organs and systems of the whole body.




A Japanese method of prevention and cure that follows the theory and practice of Chinese acupuncture but instead of needles it uses pressure of the fingertips.


Thai Yoga Massage


An ancient therapeutic art with its roots in yoga, ayurvedic medicine and buddhist spiritual practices. It combines soft pressure, rhythmical massage, gentle twists and passive stretching exercises taken from yoga.


Indian Head and Shoulder massage


The massage used in India for more than 1.000 years, it relieves the upper part of the body from tension and stress, increases blood and oxygen circulation to the scalp and promotes the growth of healthy, beautiful hair.




Also known in the U.K. as Rejuvanessence or Fingertip Face Lift, it is an all-natural and extremely effective method of rejuvenating the face. When muscle tension is released and muscle tone is restored, wrinkles become softer and finer, the face is lifted and finds its natural shape.


Ayurvedic Massage


Coming from a very ancient tradition, this Indian full body massage using the principles of Ayurveda, harmonizes the energy flow and can help in a great number of health complaints. It can be done in conjunction with Indian head massage.



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