A Cultural Centre for self-improvement and continuing education

Shantom is an innovative idea of a multi-purpose building. A "different" place for creative arts, dance, yoga, martial arts, alternative healing and exercise methods and quality entertainment, for better health and well-being, in body and in soul.

Leda Shantala in the upper floor studio (before the mirror was installed)

*The idea for the name “Shantom” was by Aris Loukas, whom we thank.


Well known theatre and cinema actress, late Smaro Stefanidou and her daughter, dancer/choreographer/yoga and dance teacher as well as Dance Movement therapist Leda Shantala, decided to join forces and give flesh to their dream to express in a single space, different dynamics and cultural currents, through a variety of artistic offerings, performances, lessons and workshops. Their wish was and is to combine into this place, with warmth and care, the cultural experience and the values of yesterday with today's and tomorrow's tendencies and aspirations - with the common goal of promoting, lovingly and responsibly, the cultivation of cultural values.

Ίντιρα Γκάντι, Μελίνα Μερκούρη, Λήδα Shantala, Σμάρω Στεφανίδου, Γιάννης Τσαρούχης
In the picture: Indira Gandhi (Indian Prime Minister), Melina Merkouri (actress and former Minister of Culture),
Leda Shantala, Smaro Stefanidou and painter Yannis Tsarouchis



It is a three-storey multi-purpose cultural building, of approx. 400 square metres located at 35, Tripoleos street, corner with Evoias, in Kato Chlandri, five minutes from the "Cholargos" subway station (line 3).
It was conceived and constructed with the view of hosting many different events, not only our own but those of other collaborators, artists and scholars with similar objects of an artistic, spiritual and healing nature, as well as intercultural exchanges.
The building includes three studios of different sizes, which host regular lessons and workshops covering a wide range of tehniques, from dance and yoga to martial arts and alternative healing. The events are of a nature which strives to bridge different art forms such as theatre and dance with music, painting, visual arts etc...
We believe that it is very interesting for the lessons to take place in a place offering theatrical and poetic flair, showcasing the symbolic and psychic importance of theatre for human soul.

The ground floor studio - with view on a green garden - can double as a theatre with a capacity of 130 seats, for performances, concerts, lectures and exhibitions. It is within easy reach for persons of limited mobility.


Dear friends,

we have worked intensively,with inspiration and with optimism, giving attentive thought as to how a cultural building should be structured today, in order to meet the corporeal, psychological and spiritual needs of contemporary human beings - taking, at the same time, special care to ensure natural lighting while respecting the environment.

We think we give to the public a place which will embrace and support the dreams and needs of us all. A focal point of friendship, information, exercise, continuing education for all ages which will not be limited by the lessons and workshops but will also be available on other times as a place for entertainment and of meeting of spiritually-minded people who share common thoughts, experiences and love. By thus creating a spiritual family, we shall be able to counter, in the most qualitative way, the sense of loneliness and helplessness, so that each one of us shall receive the empowerment he or she needs in the personal course of their lives.

We would like to address especially the sensitive social groups such as immigrants, people with special needs, teenagers and senior citizens. Our goal is the expansion of mutual understanding and the normalisation of the integration of foreign citizens and people with special needs into the social web, as well as providing a healthy activity for young people, which will act as a prevention against dangerous tendencies(drugs, criminality etc..)

With a great sense of responsibility, countless personal sacrifices and great financial cost, we finished the material part of this great idea which you have brought to life with your preference, with the trust you show to us and with your presence. Shantom was born on November 2003 and, thanks to the continuing support of pupils and friends, it has grown, in the last years, with an expansion which surpassed our dreams, as its studios continue to fill up with new friends who bring yet other friends, showing their love.

All of us together will create new ways of harmonious coexistence. We will cultivate the ways which will bring us nearer to the great ideal of bodily health, inner harmony and love, and ultimately spiritual freedom.


Smaro Stefanidou. Leda Shantala


Our vision is deeply human. We believe in cultivating the body and the mind, in the spiritual value of the arts, in the need to exchange warmth and friendship. Each one of us is different and unique. Different experiences, different needs, different tendencies and talents. Shantom is a pair of open arms for everybody, with the belief that respect for diversity promotes the recognition of the unity of us all. The founders as well as all the collaborators and teachers in Shantom, we all think that there are many ways to cultivate ourselves, and different "paths", which may bring results, if someone serves them responsibly and faithfully.
We believe that quality of action is what urges us to inner evolution more than the goals of the action themselves. How we do something is more important than what we are doing. Shantom respects the variety of expression. All teachers and collaborators share this belief and each one of them, through his or her own lesson or personal service, strives to touch your soul so that we come nearer. Trust us. We have the knowledge, the experience and the good will. We are here to discuss all your issues and help you to select the lesson that suits you better.


Lessons (not all lessons are offered every year)
  • Authentic raja yoga for men, women and children of all ages

  • Ιndian Classical Dance Bharata Natyam

  • Dance Movement Therapy

  • N.I.A. Alternative Dance Fitness

  • Other dances: Contemporary dance, Oriental, Afro-contemporary, Aerial acrobatic dance

  • Martial arts: Kung Fu, T'ai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Fencing

  • Pilates (Mat)

    NOTE: Not ALL of these lessons are offered every year. Please consult the Weekly Plan on the Shantom website. However, if you are a group of 6 or more people, contact us, we may form a custom class.

Shantom for children

  • Yoga, Indian dance, oriental dance, martial arts,

NOTE: Older children (after the age of 7) may come in the adult groups of some lessons such as yoga, oriental dance and kung fu. Please call us for details.

  • Creative activities, alternative methods of prevention and healing, theoretical and practical workshops. Each season a different selection - please consult the events calendar or the page Our news (in Greek). Otherwise, you might just give us a call.

Alternative Healing and Wellness methods:
  • Personal sessions (by appointment): Reflexology, shiatsu, Rejuvance, aromatherapy massage, lemphic massage, holistic healing massage, Thai yoga massage, Indian head and shoulder massage. Give us a call!

  Quality Entertainment

  • Theatrical, musical and dance performances, themed evenings, open days, lectures, cultural events. For the next events, visit regularly the Our News page (in Greek) or sign up for our newsletter here. You will receive it only when we have real news (and not on a weekly or monthly basis).

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Our phone number: 210 6717529

Lessons have started!

Call us (210-6717529) or send us an e-mail , for prices and other info. Otherwise, do pay us a visit.
We will be happy to meet you and show you the magical world of Shantom