House of Culture
Smaro Stefanidou - Leda Shantala
35Α , Tripoleos str., 152 31 Kato Chalandri
phone 210-6717529

Shantom - A tour

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It's a three-storey multi-purpose cultural building of approx. 400 sq.m., five minutes from the "Cholargos" subway station (line 3, exit "towards Athens"), on Tripoleos street n. 35, corner with Evoias, in Kato Chalandri.

The building includes three studios (one of which doubles up as a fully functional professional theatre and concert hall), as well as an office and waiting lounge.

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outside, view from Evoias street


entrance to the groundfloor studio
the staircase


As you enter, the first thing that catches the attention is the abundance of light, a sense of euphoria and well-being created by the many glass panels, letting the view of a green garden (on the ground floor) or trees, or the Attica blue sky and Chalandri's suburb houses, as well as the tiled roof of a traditional house from the 1930's.


The ground floor studio/theatre is 75 sq.m, with a ceiling 5 m high. Its walls are painted in deep blue, pleasingly contrasting the colour of the cork on the sound enhancement panels which open in the case of concerts. Sound design has been made and there are, both on the walls and on the ceiling, insulating elements for the right absorption and diffusion of sound. This can be used as a studio for lessons and workshops, concert auditorium and theatre. It is ideal for dance, with its special "sandwiched" floor boards, fortified with rubber shock-absorbers.Two of the four walls have very big French windows with double insulating glass, covered with thick blue velvet curtains. On the third wall (towards Tripoleos street) there are windows with opaque glass, which can be covered with blinds. There is a professional aeration system which can clear the room in a few minutes, the doors are metallic and fireproof. There is a sound console and CD player, and professional theatrical lights. It is easily accessible for people on wheelchairs, thanks to a special ramp on the sidewalk.

ground floor hall
ground floor studio
the ground floor studio as theatre
Leda in the garden
the ground floor studio as theatre


On the first floor, lilac and orange walls for the lounge/foyer and office area, as well as a table for refreshments, a fridge and the toilets.
The reception
Leda at the reception


On the second floor there is the second studio, of 50 sq.m., painted in light creamish orange, with a floor of polished wooden boards. Two of the four walls are glass French Windows with a beautiful view and rollers to keep off the light if needed. The third wall is covered with a mirror, but in case of meditation classes, when the mirror is not needed, it can be covered by Oriental style screens. This studio also has air-conditioning, and a large covered balcony.
Upstairs studio
Leda in the upstairs studio
Upstairs studio


This studio,measuring 35 sq.m., is a pleasant contemporary studio in deep red and light yellow, with very sophisticated lighting options, wooden floor and a whole mirrored wall - there are curtains, however, to cover the mirror if desired. It is ideal for whatever is noisy (as flamenco or drums lessons) or, on the contrary, for whatever needs quiet, such as yoga, meditation or alternative methods. The surrounding area, as well as the stairs leading down to the studio, have an oriental flavour, with their deep colours, plush carpeting, Indian and Tibetan miniatures gracing the walls, the Indonesian masks and the jasmine scent from the automatic diffuser.

ψεκαστήρια αιθέριου ελαίου.

stairs and shoes rack
changing room
lighting effects
the studio
the stairs leading down to the studio
the studio

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