On the Roof of the World
(The Daughter of the Mountain)




Leda Shantala,
Radhika Surajit, Meena Raman
Translation/adaptation of texts:
Leda Shantala, Takis Manolopoulos
Takis Manolopoulos, Leda Shantala
Reji George
Sets and costumes:
Yorgos Gavalas
Lighting director:
Eleftheria Deco
Leda Shantala
Stamatis Kapolas


Parvati, the beautiful daughter of the king of mountains Himala, falls in love with the god Krishna.
The gods are favourable to their union. However nobody, not even Kama, the love god, is able to weaken the resolve of the great yogi, who with his burning glance burns down to ashes the arrow-bearing god. Parvati then gives up her luxurious life in the palace to become an ascetic on the top of the inhospitable mountains. Krishna takes the form of a wanderer and tries to dissuade her, saying that what she does is madness and Krishna is not worthy of her, but fails to curb her loyalty and love. Won over, Krishna takes his real form, confesses his love and take her with him as his worthy companion.


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