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Leda hasn't only travelled for the purpose of learning Indian dance or yoga or dance therapy. Her thirst for getting to know different places, people and customs has taken her in every corner of the globe: from Europe to the Himalayas, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam and from Central Africa to Mexico, Peru and the Amazon and Papua - New Guinea.

"I cannot live without travelling", she says.
"I've always been looking for something that I just had to find, and nothing could stop me. I consider myself a citizen of the world. However, every time I feel the need to come back to Greece, to my roots. In Greece, everything I've brought back from my travels is put to the test, taking its true dimensions inside me".

"I feel great love for the earth and all its creatures, including people. I believe that civilization is not only to be found in our societies, but also among those peoples who have kept alive the living experiences since the roots of humankind".
"I have climbed the Himalayas twice. I really recommend it, as a trip, because it offers a staggering experience of the quintessential mountain.Through the discovery of the great variety of a mountain, one discovers a lot about oneself".
"Since I have created my own school, I cannot leave, as I did in the past, for three, four years at a time. But I feel that I carry inside me elements of the civilisations that I have known, and I am able to express those elements. I don't feel the need to leave for so long anymore. I still have the three months of the summer. Moreover, my performances are a "discovery trip" that I share with the audience."

About India
Although India has been and still is the country that Leda visits more regularly and unfailingly at least once a year, it hasn't been included in the Travels pages... maybe because for her it is more of a self-discovery trip, it's a trip to the source. Whenever she goes there, it's surely not as a tourist, but not anymore for the acquisition of technical knowledge: it's a personal quest, a deepening, an enrichment and a turning inwards, a trip from which she always returns full of strength and light. So, you won't find India in these pages, but you will find it everywhere else, in the pages about yoga and bharata natyam.


There are extensive travel pages, with day-by-day diaries, on her trips to Africa, Papua, Vietnam, Peru , Myanmar, but they are in Greek. If you can read Greek, you are welcome to visit those pages, because they won't be translated any time soon...

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