On the Roof of the World 2



Leda Shantala,
Text ranslation/adaptation:
Leda Shantala, Takis Manolopoulos
Takis Manolopoulos, Leda Shantala
Reji George
Scenes and costumes:
Yorgos Gavalas
Lighting director:
Alekos Anastasiou
Leda Shantala
Leda Shantala

After the great success of the performance "On the Roof of the World" a.k.a. "The Daughter of the Mountain", which was presented at the Madras International Dance Festival and at the Delhi Indian International Centre, Leda Shantala brought it to Athens, and then presented a new version, as a one woman show.
"On the Roof of the World 2" elicited an enthusiastic response from the audience, as well as stellar reviews, for its ground-breaking conception, bridging cultures and styles, drawing inspiration by Europe an Asia, enriching the dance language with new elements.


"On the Roof of the World" is a performance using different media. It draws its inspiration by a 300-year old myth, which was adapted in the 1st century by the Indian poet Kalidasa, in his work "Kumara Sabhava". It takes place on the Himalayas and speaks of mankind's spiritual quest through a riveting and extreme love story. The performance blends the art of theatre with the art of the storytellers, the complex art of Bharata Natyam with the vocabulary of modern dance. The story unfolds through live speech, songs based on ancient Sanscrit texts, the expression of body, hands and face and theatrical action. The music (written by Reji George especially for this performance) creates a dialogue with the dancer, creates images, incorporating the complex rhythms of the "tallas", the musical pathways of the "ragas" and the improvisatory dialogue of the musicians.

VIDEO (short excerpts from the performance and full performance)


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